Thursday, December 5, 2013

Temple of Heaven

Bambi and George go with us bravely in this cold weather!

 The pots behind the kids are extremely interesting.  They are filled with water for fire safety and are all over the area.

 Look at these humongous doors!

 the grounds are interesting here.  People sing and do Tai Chi wave ribbons in dances.  They want bystanders to participate.  The kids had a great time with these ribbons.

 This place made the hair on my arms stand up!  Each alter requires a sacrifice of a calf.  There are photos re-enacting it.  Also, the sacred tools used for this are on display.  I think about the Leviticus sacrifices.  Somehow every civilization knows that the penalty of sin can only be repaid with innocent blood.
 This was an echo wall in  a courtyard.

 If you look in the distance you will see an overburdened wagon.

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