Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Entertaining Chocolates

This has been the best ever box of candy! Received as a greatly appreciated gift, I opened it and sneaked a couple with Alexis before Christmas. Then I hid it in my room. I could not find it for our early Christmas and then went on vacation. When we arrived home, Alexis and I hunted without success but maybe that is for the best since neither of us had noble intentions!  Tim found it last night for New Year's Eve.  We then enjoyed it together as a family! Alexis reminds me of a certain family member who cannot stand surprises...she had to cut each chocolate in half to see what they were before she took one. We had to laugh because it started with one chocolate . . .well you can guess the rest! Anyway, all chocolates are now a fond memory and the box brought much joy!


  1. I too have to cut them in half just to be sure it's something I want. Then I get the pleasure of enjoying the other half later......like 10 ten minutes later :)

  2. How funny! My chocolate expert of a mother would be shocked!