Friday, February 8, 2013

Victoria Park Lunar Market with the kids!

'twas 2 days before Chinese New Year when the Hales leave the house to go to Victoria Park Market aboard the MTR!
Spirits were high and smiles were on to see all the wonders of the Lunar New Year!
On exiting the MTR what do we see but Coke can Art!

Drinking straw art kept our imaginations soaring!

Victoria Park while traffic was roaring!

Plants with flowers and fruit some we have never seen--wonders and whatsits the New Year to bring!

Orchids, bulbs and herbs were all blooming,

On twisty bamboo New Years wishes are looming!

Away from the park to the library run,

Our senses are reeling that was lots of fun.  Kids with balloon pets needing a break sit on the sidewalk where picture I take!

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