Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 3: Chinese New Year--The Lion Dance

The drums start and everyone rushes from our apartment to the tennis court.  Jason was running back and forth yelling, "they are starting! They are starting!  Let's go quick!"

These are huge puppets with 2 people in them.  They move like a lion, wagging their tails and wiggling their eyebrows and such.  They climb the poles and dance on top.  It is so amazing.  I cannot see how they jump all over these poles with 2 of them in a suit.  Also, how can they see?!

Booming drums go with the show and can be heard clear to Kansas--did you think that was thunder?

Smoke, catch the scroll and roll it out--blessings for a prosperous New Year, I am sure!

My Lion tamers!

Jason was all eyes!

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