Friday, February 22, 2013

Discovery Bay Adventures

Where are we going today Mom?  How many trains will it take?  Visiting friends in Discovery Bay is interesting from the first bus!  Catch a mini bus, get a train at the MTR and then take the ferry.  JP knows his vehicles now.

 We had a wonderful time visiting with our friends.  We had lunch at their club house.  Dim Sum Family style with a round rotating tray in the center of the table.  We tried many different foods.  We were surprised that we really enjoyed this thin soup with rice that people here eat especially in the winter or when they are not feeling well.  It is called Congee.  I never would have thought we would like it.  It is truly "ugly" food but it is great for a cold or illness!  Lots of ginger is the key!
 Devon and the other kids spent a significant amount of time digging a hole to Kansas.  Devon made the most headway and ended with a pretty impressive pit!

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the ferry ride home!

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