Thursday, April 3, 2014

Passover Seder

Heartwarming days with homeschooling happen frequently!  We are so hugely blessed.  One of my favorite days this week found the Hale family celebrating a kid's style Passover.  Now, I do not claim to be an authority on the subject but we learned together what Jesus was doing at the Last Supper.  What a great hands-on experience!
 Here you can see the Matza, hard boiled eggs, lamb shanks, bitter herbs, Charoset, and "wine" as well as our place mats showing the order of service and picture of all the parts of the Passover Seder.
 The youngest reader prayed.  He also asked the questions and poured the first glass of wine.  Then we washed.

 There were two hand washings during the celebration.  So, we passed basins around and everyone washed.  Then we dipped the bitter herbs in salt water to remind us that the Egyptians were cruel slave masters and made the Children of Israel cry tears as they cried out to God.  God heard the cries of His children and sent a "redeemer" named Moses to rescue His Children.  Here we paused as we remember that God always hears the cries of His children--cry out to Him and He will hear and redeem.  God sent us Jesus as the ultimate redeemer to rescue mankind.  Still today if we can just remember to cry out to Jesus, He is there to help!

Yes, the herbs and salt water were bitter!

 Putting the middle Matza in a bag to hide for later.
 Here our 10 year old girls did the Passover play to remind us of the story when God sent the 10 plagues with the death of the first born being the last but the blood of the lamb on the doorpost made the angel of death pass over the houses of God's children and a few of the Egyptian believers that left with them.

 Here we are eating the main passover meal with a boiled egg to remind us that the more God's people are boiled or troubled the stronger they get.  The Charoset has already been served with some bitter herbs reminding us of the mortar the slaves made to use in brick building before being freed.
The lamb symbolizes the redemption sacrifice and sin offering of the children of Israel.  Jesus, the final perfect lamb, paid the price so we will not face judgement.

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