Sunday, September 1, 2013

Jp's Beach

 My dear little five year old loves to spend hours at this beach.  Tide pools and waves bring wonderful catches for my little naturalist.  Rubee indulges the boy by taking nets and fishing rods down to the beach along with buckets of water and rocks.  There are always cages filled with the day's catch whether it be small blue crabs or large ones who manage to find there way out of the various cages and some days have coffee with me in the morning.  Of course there is always a tank of recently caught fish as well which vary greatly.  Some days only one survives a night of cannibalism.

 Emma gets talked into going to the beach very often, however, she comes home much sooner than our little naturalist!
 Occasionally, I get conned into it too.  I just do not like fishy critters.  I would rather catch butterflies!
 This is a picnic, indoor style for this photo.  
 Rubee is a wonderful member of our family and we love her very much!

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