Friday, November 22, 2013

The Great Wall 1

 -2 C feels really cold coming from 18 C  For my American Mind that is 28F From 65F
 Yes, we are freezing and that is why you cannot see our faces in any of these great photos we planned on the Great Wall!

 I did not know that the great wall climbed up and down so much.  Also, who thought there would be so many stairs.  I am not sure why but I just never imagined it this way so it was great to actually see it for real!

 So many miles of winding wall . . . .

 The view from up here is amazing too!

I love the key hole windows.  Yes, there are crowds but this is the end of November so there are only a few people crazy enough to climb up here and of those people only a handful who actually walk very far.  Too cold but well worth it anyway you get warmer when you climb!

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