Friday, January 11, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand, Day 5 – Christmas!

Day 5 – Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  We celebrated Christmas at the Caynors’, enjoying a Mexican feast – guacamole, salsa, burritos, etc. – all freshly made.  We exchanged small gifts and had a wonderful time visiting.  Jason got a giant scorpion (in a display case, thankfully) from Thailand.  He declared that a scorpion is exactly what he wanted for Christmas!  The kids got little remote control cars that crawl on the wall.  They had to put the cars away when we realized the remote control was turning the air conditioner and fan on and off – if they had garage door openers in Thailand I’m sure we would have been opening and closing garage doors in range! 

Some Thai university students came over and tried Mexican food for the first time.  They thought it was a little odd, but liked it.  We were invited to perform a sort of chicken dance – Guyon – that was supposed to be a “welcome to Thailand dance”.  Seems like a good chance for new people to make a spectacle of themselves.  The locals seemed to be pretty amused by our performance.

Christmas with the Caynors and university students was so much fun.  It is a Christmas we will long remember.

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